Welcome to Mountain Obsession.

As the founder, let me be the first to wholeheartedly welcome you to the Global Mountain Tribe.

Mountain Obsession is the The Global Mountain Tribe who strives to share and exchange clear, concise content that is tailored to the mountain enthusiast’s passion: The Great Outdoors. We are creating a unique tribe that welcomes all open-minded, curious and interesting individuals.

Mountain Obsession’s mission is simple:

Inspire adventure, encourage environmental respect and promote living life to the fullest

M.O.’s mission is founded on our unwavering principals outlined in “The M.O. Manifesto.” By keeping these principals at the heart of everything we do, we will facilitate the achievement of our vision:

Inject optimism, happiness and adrenaline into society through the creation of a passionate outdoor tribe

In addition to tribe member content – in the form of editorial positions – we focus on expanding our popular podcast to achieve our mission. Check it out!

We – the entire Global Mountain Tribe – invite you to become involved by submitting awesome content, participating in worthwhile mountain events, contributing to sustaining the mountain environment and helping Mountain Obsession work towards building an understanding Tribe, both online and on the trail. It is you – the new Global Mountain Tribe member – who along with our current members who will allow Mountain Obsession’s vision to come into fruition.

For all of your questions and queries regarding Mountain Obsession, please visit our FAQs, or email me directly at spencer@mountainobsession.com.

Be safe, be happy and don’t let anyone make you afraid.

Founder – Mountain Obsession


Photo by @alexcalish