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The Explore Everything Epic

Mission: The Explore Everything Epic (EEE) is an adventure being undertaken with the purpose of inspiring individuals to go after their outdoor dreams, spreading the importance of health and vitality and to share the Mountain Obsession Manifesto with people from across our stunning planet.

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The Details: The Explore Everything Epic is an 18+ months adventure that began in July 2015 that is being undertaken by Mountain Obsession Founder, Spencer Raymond Madden. As outlined above, I want to break the mold and showcase what getting outside and Exploring Everything can do for a person. Going hand in hand with this will be showcasing the necessity and benefits of taking care of one’s body and mind in order to live an amazingly full life.

Similar to how Mountain Obsession started, the EEE developed as a way to make a positive impact on the world. Mountain Obsession and myself are huge believers that complaining about something isn’t going to change it – that is why I will be striving to show the world how to get out exploring, become more active, inspire the importance of both mental and physical health and how to enjoy both the big and little things in life. And have a little fun with new friends a long the way!

Throughout the EEE, there will be a continual stream of film footage and photos posted to Mountain Obsession. Excitingly, Mountain Obsession and myself are committing to furthering the recently launched MO-TV with the creation of six episodes over the duration of the EEE. Finally, you can expect the development of a documentary, which will be shared with the Global Mountain Tribe.

ATTENTION! Before you continue reading, I want to Explore Everything with YOU! Below is a general outline of the EEE and a rough game plan- if I am passing through your area, or you want to travel to join the EEE, DO IT! One goal is to meet as many GMTMs as possible throughout the EEE. Whether you want to have some brews around a campfire, showcase some awesome local spots, stay up for 24 hours crushing 3 peaks, go climbing, hit a cave, talk philosophy, let me pitch a tent in your yard, or simply get out for a rad sunset photo sesh, email me at, or better yet, DM / comment on Instagram @mtobsession. Absolutely anyone who wants to join in on the EEE is welcome. I can’t wait to explore with you and your crew.

Who: The EEE is being undertaken by Spencer Raymond Madden. However, as mentioned above, Mountain Obsession is the Global Mountain Tribe. This means that throughout the EEE, I will be striving to meet, hike, explore and talk with as many new and old Global Mountain Tribe Members (GMTMs) as possible.

What: The adventure of a lifetime aka The Explore Everything Epic.

Where: The EEE, as the name states, will include Exploring Everything and thus will involve several key facets. It is important to note that many, many micro-adventures will be occurring within the framework listed below.

– Exploring the Bruce Trail on Lake Huron, Canada in July (Warm-up)
– A 5 month road trip across America starting August 2015
– Exploring the length of Chile from January 2016 – July 2016
– Through hiking Canada’s hardest “trail”, the 1700 km Great Divide Trail in from Aug – Oct 2016 (note: many consider the full GDT to be approximately 1200 km – I plan to tack on an additional 500 km by exploring new variations / side trips. Come join!)
– Exploration of British Columbia’s Hot Springs in November 2016
– Evaluation of the EEE and planning the next phase in December 2016

When: The EEE will officially started the first week of July 2015 with explorations of the Bruce Trail. The scheduled “completion” is December 2016.

Why: Please see above for the EEE’s mission.

How: The EEE is completely self-funded – I have left my corporate day job to pursue the EEE. As with any major commitment, I spent sometime evaluating the cost-benefit scenarios and am confident that I am making the right choice. Leaving behind a well paying job in Oil & Gas is a huge step, but one I am excited to be taking. I’ve saved, squirreled and socked away funding for sometime now and will be taking steps to reduce unnecessary spending. Part of the documentary and the EEE will focus on getting back in touch with nature, doing more with less and breaking the from the traditional way that society deems we should act. That said, I am very fortunate to have partnered with some amazing brands for this adventure – be sure to show them some GMT love!

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A HUGE thanks to the EEE partners for supporting the mission and the dream. I am extremely grateful and very stoked to be creating some very cool projects for them throughout the EEE.

Graydon Naturals Graydon – Clinical Luxury by Nature. Graydon’s tag line says it all. With all of the exposure my skin has to the elements, and keeping in mind the EEE mission of promoting health, I am excited to be utilizing Graydon Natural skincare products. I have been using their stuff for sometime now and it was a very natural partnership. Amazing stuff! Very stoked to be working with Graydon, Corey and Mitch – their passion for natural skincare is apparent in everything they do. I also love how Graydon products are from North of the 49th – handcrafted in Toronto!

CanPrev Natural Health Products – This innovative supplement company was one of my favourites long before Mountain Obsession was conceived. I am excited to be working closely with their naturopathic team (Taryn, Rory & Adriana) and Stormin’ Norm’ (VP Marketing) to create some amazing health content. I am currently using Pain-Pro, Curcumin-Pro and Resvera-Pro among others CanPrev Products. I highly recommend utilizing their Oil of Oregano to keep ward off throat colds, infections and soreness. CanPrev helps me stay inflammation free and ready to rock! I can’t stress enough about the people of this brand – they truly care about delivering pure, well researched NATURAL health products to make your life better.

Taste of Nature – These guys and gals make stellar gluten-free, organic, non-GMO bars in Canada. Not only are they healthy, but they taste amazing. Time to switch over from your bland Clif-Bar. Shout out to Ashleigh for all of her hard-work and commitment to the EEE. It is very much appreciated.

Omega Nutrition – I am stoked to be partnered with Omega who will be the providing our coconut oil, flaxseed oil and ACV. Omega has a host of amazing health products that I will be utilizing. You can count on me crushing coconut oil because #fatisfuel! Cheers to Marc and Robert for their belief!

Mountain Standard – This is a sweet, trendy, smaller apparel company out of Boulder, CO. Seeing as how I will be spending a ton of time there, I am stoked to be rockin’ some of their gear on the 14ers! They have a really unique feel and you will catch me in the awesome fleece, hats and shirts they provided to me. Thanks for the love!

Sunwarrior – I am stoked to be working with Sunwarrior, the world’s best and cleanest all vegan protein powder. This stuff is so tasty and healthy – it is what fuels me on long days. You can expect to see me contributing to their website. Shout out to Ariel for taking the time to communicate with me and helping the EEE move forward during the beginning. Cheers to everyone at Sunwarrior including Julie, Jeremy, Ticia and Steven!

Evolve Chiro & Wellness – A huge thanks to Dr. Ryan MacDonald and The Evolve team for keeping me in tip-top shape. This amazing clinic located in Calgary, AB helped me bounce back from injuries and allowed me to keep crushing. This is the choice for physio, acupuncture, injuries, chiro and naturopathic medicine in Calgary. Go see Ryan and his crew!

Hurraw! Balm – The best lip balm on the market. Period. Made in Whitefish, MT, these amazing balms stand up to whatever the mountain and elements throw at me. Check out the Kapha flavor in addition to the highly addictive Vanilla Bean.

ESEE Knives – Absolutely stoked to be using ESEE Knives on the EEE! High quality steel and made in the USA. Along with their survival gear, the knives will be put through their paces. If you want a true American blade, these are the guys to talk to!

Kicking Horse Coffee – I am so amped to be associated with the best coffee brand in the world. It doesn’t get any better. Roasted in Invermere, BC, Kicking Horse is organic and fair trade. They have been given the distinction of being Canada’s Fair trade Product of the Year. With so many awesome roasts, I just can’t drink anything else! Thanks to Antonella and Lynn for hearing me out and agreeing to support the EEE.

We’d also like to give a shout-out to a bunch of brands that I use and love. You will see me rockin’ them throughout the EEE: Sugarlife and Stash Tea

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