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Mountain Obsession’s Submission Ethics Overview

Mountain Obsession is the Global Mountain Tribe and every single member is highly valued. With that in mind, we have created our submission ethics in order to clearly outline the guidelines that we follow when a someone submits a content such as a photo, video or other media.

What We Do

When you – the Global Mountain Tribe Member – submit a photo that you have taken, or video you have recorded to us, Mountain Obsession values your submission – a lot! While we can not guarantee that your content will be posted, if it is, you will ALWAYS be given credit. That is why when you submit a photo, we ask you to include any of the following info that you are comfortable sharing with the Global Mountain Tribe to ensure you are credited: Full Name, email, FB link, Twitter Link, website link, Flickr link, and any info regarding the photo, location, camera details etc. We will ALWAYS credit you on the same page as your photo. Additionally, include a watermark on your photo if you like  – provided it doesn’t detract for the photo.

When you submit content via email, this is considered your permission to allow Mountain Obsession Holdings Inc. to post your content at any time on our website and all social media outlets. Please see our Legal policy for further info.

What We Won’t Do

Mountain Obsession will never sell your photo to anyone, any company or distribute it without your consent. Mountain Obsession will never crop your photo, or remove your watermark. Mountain Obsession won’t alter your photo other than resize it. No sepia if it wasn’t originally that way.

Tribe Member Submission Guidelines

  • Include the content with all necessary information for crediting (see above)
  • Include photos in .jpeg, .gif, .psd
  • For videos, we prefer youtube or vimeo links

Contact Information

Concerns or questions regarding our Submission Ethics can be directed to Spencer, founder of Mountain Obsession.