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Graydon Clinical Luxury is the official skin / hair care partner of the Global Mountain Tribe. As we explore nature, our largest organ is continually put to the test by the elements battering it! Luckily, Graydon has an exclusive line of natural, pure, green-oriented products to get your skin and hair back into amazing shape. Our founder, Spence started using Graydon sometime ago and was very excited when this Canadian company agreed to sponsor Feed Your Mountain Obsession. Their line is perfect for both female and male outdoor adventurers. Please purchase through the links below to keep Mountain Obsession up and running!

Exclusive Podcast Promo Code: MOUNTAIN25

Click this link, pick your products and enter the promo code!

Global Mountain Tribe Favourites:

Bursting with nutrient rich ingredients that are safe for the whole family, a little pump of our Hair Smoothie will quickly condition and detangle the finest of hair and most sensitive of scalps. Perfect for toque hair, or hair that is wind scoured! Nourish your locks with phyto-nutrient ingredients including broccoli seed oil while you infuse your scalp with essential oils of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme that stimulate healthy hair growth. With a unique fresh scent of fine herbs we’ve been able to create a formula that will leave your hair super soft and smooth but not weighed down. Great for all hair types!


Super Sensitive ‘Skin Stuff’ is an amazing solution for people with skin that reacts to everything. This nutrient rich formula is packed with ingredients that will nourish, not irritate your skin. Its ‘non stick’ consistency absorbs quickly into your skin and is an excellent choice for people who do not like to feel like they’re wearing moisturizer, which makes it ideal for both women and men. If you are prone to oily skin then you you’ll love this cream as it is light in texture yet nourishing. You might just find it hard to resist using it on your whole body.

For a rundown on the Graydon philosophy, visit their website here – the brand aligns nicely with the Mountain Obsession Manifesto.


A big thank you goes out to the team at Graydon Clinical Luxury: Graydon, Corey and Mitchell! Mountain Obsession greatly appreciates your support.