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Mountain Obsession is always on the look-out to form lasting relationships with groups, competitions, festivals, blogs, websites, companies, charities and individuals. Whether it is a sponsorship request, the running of a contest, contributing a guest post, starting a reoccurring section, or requesting that Mountain Obsession review your product, The Global Mountain Tribe wants to hear from you.


Below is an up-to-date list of current Mountain Obsession Partners

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Adventure ID

Adventure ID is a great safety product that has the full support of Mountain Obsession. The product is a high quality plastic rearview mirror tag – similar to a park pass – that allows Global Mountain Tribe members to leave a route plan with pertinent exploration details. It is extremely useful for SAR and other climbers. The Adventure ID comes in 4 different outdoor activities.

Visit to read more about the product and be sure to order. Tell them Mountain Obsession sent you.

Alberta Speleological Society

The Alberta Speleological Association is thee climbing organization in Alberta. From monitoring caves, to running trips, to mapping and everything else, A.S.S. strives to #exploreeverying underground. Be sure to get an annual membership for lots of benefits.

A.S.S. has partnered with Mountain Obsession and provided a great partnership post on “10 Steps To Get Into Caving.”

Visit the A.S.S. website for further details.

All Peak

All Peak is a partner of Mountain Obsession’s. They focus on unique apparel that are based on Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks.

All Peak posts interesting articles to Mountain Obsession occasionally and continues to live many of the values that #MountainObsession promotes.

Check them out here.

Andrew Nugara

Andrew Nugara is a legend in the Western Canadian outdoor community. Beside bagging countless summits, he is the famed author of More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, the follow-up to Kane’s scrambling bible. He is also the author of several snowshoe and mountaineering books. If that isn’t badass enough, he undertakes many of his expeditions with his brother who is legally blind. Gnarly and awesome. Andrew truly represents everything that Mountain Obsession stands for.

Check out his partnership post here – “Top 10 Tips to Get in Scrambling

Click to view his #MountainObsession Rapidfire Series Interview

Check out his books here.

Badass Brandon Boulier

Badass Brandon Boulier is a scrambler and mountaineer from Calgary, Alberta who strives to bag peaks, explore everything and take amazing photos all over the world. He is a close friend of the founder and consistently provides inspiration to those who play outside with him.

Look for his photos throughout the site and his reoccurring section.

Visit his site

Chasing Adventure

Chasing adventure is the brainchild of Jill and Curtis – two adventure seekers from Calgary who are on a mission to explore the world. Their site frequently focuses on how to make adventure happen financially. Lots of amazing photos and inspiration can be garnered from perusing their site. Determined to travel the world full time, this couple loves mountains and loves exploration. They fit right in with the Global Mountain Tribe.

Read their partnership post.

Check out their website and be sure to bookmark it


Explor8ion is Vern Dewit’s trip report site. With hundreds of reports, 1000s of professional photos and an endearing writing style, it is a must for anyone looking to #exploreeverything. Vern has posted some interesting things for Mountain Obsession and there are many, many Global Mountain Tribe members who frequent his site.

Check out his partnership posts here.

Bookmark his site

Gutta I Skogen

Gutta I Skogen – Norwegian for “Men of the Forest.”

This group of hard hitting outdoor action heros hail from northern Norway. They do it all: climbing, ski, explore and more. You can follow their adventures here on Mountain Obsession.

The Mountain Obsession Peak of is  the Week section is presented by our partner,

This site details the scrambles and adventures of Jamie Junker. Check out his site here.

K7 Climbing

K7 Climbing was founded by Ray Cossette, a climbing guru, with the intention of spreading scrambling and climbing skills to the masses, while having a heck of a fun time doing it. K7 is the official partner for anything Ice Climbing related on Mountain Obsession. Recently, K7 Climbing has launched a meet-up group for anyone looking to push their outdoor climbing skills in a safe, productive manner. It is a must join and for an annual membership of $20, it is a steal.

Check out the Meet-up Group

Visit the website.


This is one of Mountain Obsession’s most beloved partners … especially by our male contingent. MTNBABES is dedicated to inspiring women to get outdoors and kick some major butt. With the classic MTNBABE shot – topless, facing away from the cam with glorious backgrounds – as a staple feature, it is not hard to see why both women and guys get inspired. Plus, the founder, Maddie, is really cool.

MTNBABES co-sponsors our Mountain Babes Kicking Ass monthly post.

MTNBABES also provides a monthly round-up of very cool photos.

Check out their Instagram (THE BEST!), their Facebook, Twitter and their website.

CLIMB MOUNTAINS. GET NAKED. (Mountain Obsession digs this … a lot!)

On-Top is where Matthews Hobb’s outdoor adventure come to manifest of the interweb. His site is full of easy-to-access trip reports and route descriptions; there are also a whole bunch of great photos. Plus, his Mountain Dog, Crux, is pretty awesome. Enough said.

Visit On Top

View Crux’s Mountain Dog of the Month Feature (Coming Soon!)

Rockies Chick - Mountain Mom

Rockies Chick is a blog run by Melissa S. Her goal is to inspire moms and dads to continue their outdoor pursuits evena fter having children. She spends a lot of time involving her daughter in her mountain goals and works towards creating a better, tighter family via the mountains.

Summit Search

Summit Search is as the name implies: it a place to search for summits. The brainchild of Eric C – a renowned outdoorsman in Western Canada – it is a must for all Global Mountain Tribe members to bookmark. Literally thousands of photos provide amazing info for pre-trip research.

Visit Summit Search

View the Mountain Obsession interview with Eric (Soon!)

Steven Song

Steven Song is an up and coming scrambling guru. His reports are always straight to the point and the site has a nice layout. The guy bags more peaks in a month than most people do in a four month summer. He calls it like it is (aka if he doesn’t like the peak, he says so) which offers a different perspective from your average trip report site.

Check out Steven Song’s site

View his Partnership Posts with Mountain Obsession

Take a Walk

“It’s a magical world, Hobbes, Ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!” — Calvin and Hobbes

Take a Walk is the awesome blog of Colorado dwellers Allyson and Thomas Checkley

View it here

The Goat Babies

Here at Mountain Obsession, we always have a soft trail mascots (see our FAQ). So when one of our Global Mountain Tribe members stumbled across The Goat Babies, they had to be featured on our site. The mascots travel with their owner, (or is it the other way around) Leigh-Anne, around the Rockies and are always looking to #exploreeverything.

View the Goat Babies Facebook Page

The Walchucks (WWW)

A weekly section on wildlife hosted by cousins Mike and Jason Walchuck, who are both original Global Mountain Tribe members.

View all of the previous WWWs

The Walking Englishman

The Walking Englishman is thee authority on hiking, hill-walking and anything mountains in the UK.

View our Partnership Post.

Will Gadd

The legend himself did a Mountain Obsession RapidFire series recently.

Check out the interview here.

Check out Will’s site here.