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Miss Mountain Obsession

For our next partnership endeavor, Mountain Obsession and MTNBABES are launching a new bi-monthly section called Miss Mountain Obsession, brought to you by MTNBABES. This section will feature one MTNBABE who has been nominated by friends to be Miss Mountain Obsession for those 2 month. The section will feature a profile of an inspiring MTNBABE, some photos of her kicking ass in the outdoors, an interview and any social media / project she wishes to share. Plus, that MTNBABE will get a bunch of Mountain Obsession and MTNBABE swag to rock in the great outdoors!

Purpose: By showcasing amazing outdoor oriented females enjoying nature and kicking ass outdoors, Mountain Obsession and MTNBABES aim to inspire females of all ages to get outside and GET AFTER IT!

How to Nominate:

– Read this page in its entirety
– Select an inspiring outdoor MTNBABE
– Follow the instructions in the application below

It is important to note that you don’t necessarily have to nominate a crazy climber girl (although you can!), but any female who inspires you whether it is your gym teacher, or friend at your local outdoor store. Plus, anything in between! Just describe in the application below why you are nominating and they are entered.

MTNBABES and Mountain Obsession will sift through the nominations and post the winner at the start of every month.

**Update: Mountain Obsession is happy to announce that our partner All Peak has graciously decided to provide the next several Miss MO’s with some of their apparel. Visit them at

Download the Application

Submit the Application to

Current Miss Mountain Obsession(s):

Morgan Peirce (Idaho), Rachel Richards (Alberta) and Alyse Dietel (Arizona) – Winter 2015 Trio!

Click for their applications


Previous Miss Mountain Obsession(s):

Vanessa Alejandro – Summer 2014 – View her post