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How can I join The Global Mountain Tribe?

Joining is simple: love the mountains and you are in. Absolutely everyone who is inspired by the mountains is a Global Mountain Tribe member. That said, Mountain Obsession always encourages our Global Mountain Tribe members to submit photos and content, support our Mission & Vision and rep a patch on your backpack!

What is the deal with obtaining free Mountain Obsession swag?

Head over to our Free Swag! page for all the dirty details on how to get your mitts on some MO swag. There is wayyyyy too much sitting in the ever growing gear locker and the sooner it is in your hands, the better! Be sure to let all your friends know about this sweet deal.

What is the #ExploreEverythingEpic?

The Explore Everything Epic is an 18+ months adventure that began in July 2015 that is being undertaken by Mountain Obsession Founder, Spencer Raymond Madden.  I want to break the mold and showcase what getting outside and Exploring Everything can do for a person. Going hand in hand with this will be showcasing the necessity and benefits of taking care of one’s body and mind in order to live an amazingly full life.

Similar to how Mountain Obsession started, the EEE developed as a way to make a positive impact on the world. Mountain Obsession and myself are huge believers that complaining about something isn’t going to change it – that is why I will be striving to show the world how to get out exploring, become more active, inspire the importance of both mental and physical health and how to enjoy both the big and little things in life. And have a little fun with new friends a long the way!

Throughout the EEE, there will be a continual stream of film footage and photos posted to Mountain Obsession. Excitingly, Mountain Obsession and myself are committing to furthering the recently launched MO-TV with the creation of six episodes over the duration of the EEE. Finally, you can expect the development of a documentary, which will be shared with the Global Mountain Tribe.

Full details and the latest posts can be found here!

Where can I get Mountain Obsession gear and apparel?

Currently you can order your official Mountain Obsession gear and apparel from our store, The MO Emporium.

We currently ship anywhere in the world (after all, we are the GLOBAL Mountain Tribe. Conversely, if you are located in the Calgary area, it is possible to get a hand delivery. Just email

Finally, Mountain Obsession is always looking to get our gear into cool shops that are unique, love the mountains and dig the Global Mountain Tribe. If you are a shop owner (both online, or bricks and mortar), email the above address.

I am new to the Mountains - how can I start exploring?

This is a big question. Firstly, bookmark this site and share it with all your friends. Join our facebook group and follow us on twitter. The next step is to find someone who is experienced and ask to join them on an outdoor adventure. Be sure to ask what gear you should bring. Another option is to join a Meet-Up group. There are tons and guaranteed to be one in your area. Finally, take a course at the local college, or outdoor center. This can give you the skills you need to be safe and have fun while in the Mountains. And remember: the only dumb question is the one not asked.

What / Who are GMTMs?

GMTM is the acronym for Global Mountain Tribe Member.

What is the deal with the flag?

When Mountain Obsession was founded, the original Global Mountain Tribe members would always be flying a Canadian flag at the summits or trips. The founder would always, always string one up at the campsite even when he was 10 years old. A flag showcases who you are, what you represent and what you are proud of. That is why Global Mountain Tribe members are snapping pictures of themselves with flags all over the world – then submitting them for our legendary Flag Fridays section.

Where is Mountain Obsession based?

The Globe, of course! That said, Mountain Obsession is headquartered in the Canadian Rockies.

Who founded Mountain Obsession?

The Global Mountain Tribe was founded by Spencer Raymond Madden with the help of his friends. The Global Mountain Tribe is always growing and we are stoked whenever new members submit content, rep MO apparel and come party with us on the trail. Remember: The Global Mountain Tribe is all about you, me and the outdoors!

Who is Treehouse?

Treehouse (the Sexy Squirrel) is the official mascot of Mountain Obsession. He has a long history that would take up a whole book to write.  Let’s just say he started out on the founder’s drum kit, but like many, was seduced by a beautiful woman and had his heart destroyed after one show. With a heavy heart, he gave up the drums and fell in love with the ultimate outdoor lady: Mother Nature. He can be spotted on the occasional backpack, swinging upside down with a shot of whiskey in his hand. Keep your eyes peeled, as he occasionally allows his photo to be taken and it may appear on Mountain Obsession.

If you are able to locate Treehouse on the site, save the picture and email it to – Any Global Mountain Tribe member who does will be sent a special gift straight from Treehouse’s secret stash. Its nuts!

Follow Treehouse on Instagram @treehouseoutdoors – share the page with you friends.

Treehouse adds:

“Adventuring is the best … especially with a host of different friends: Pikas, my boys the Marmots, Martens (I have whipped them into shape!), GMTMs, Gnomes and you! Email me up and let’s crush!”

Why is there never new content on the weekends?

Because all GMTMs are out in the mountains playing around and gather photos for the week! Saturday and Sunday are meant to be spent romping around the trail, chilling in icy lakes and drinking brews with friends around the campfire.

Don’t worry … new content will be posted on Monday.

Help out the Global Mountain Tribe and submit your adventure and exploration content here!

What is a Canadian Cooler?

There are several versions of the Canadian cooler, yet they all service the same purpose: to cool our brews to the right temperature (chilly, frosty, but not frozen)

Version 1 – Snowbank

Version 2 – Creek, Stream or any other moving water source

Version 3 – Lake

What does TAHA stand for?

TAHA = Test All Holds Always

This is how you scramble / climb in the shattered limestone Rockies. Pull and test a hold because there is a high chance that it may be coming out when you put weight on it!

Manifesto Point #11 – Safety First

What is a #MountainObsession Moment?

A Mountain Obsession Moment is a video that any GMTM can create and share. Usually, they range from 10-60 seconds and showcase an amazing view, vibe, gnarly location or anything related to the Outdoors. The important thing is to show the Global Mountain Tribe how fired up you are on being outside. Feel free to dictate how you feel in the video!

Note: Feel free to submit the video to – you may be featured!

I have a burning question - can I get an answer?

In a word: YES!

Send your questions about anything Mountain Obsession to or use our submission form.

We will answer it and post it to the FAQs