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Greetings Global Mountain Tribe Members,

On behalf of the GMT, I would like to thank you for your continued support of Mountain Obsession and our vision. Mountain Obsession is currently looking to bring on Mountain Obsession editors – this means that the GMTM editor will be in charge of a monthly section on Mountain Obsession.

The time commitment is approximately 1 hour per month, plus 1 hour of training in the form of a video tutorial at the start. This translates to less than 0.1% of your month. We ask that you post once a month – when you post is up to you. You could preprogram 6 posts and then not worry about posting for 6 months. Or, if you are full of ideas, you can post as frequently as you like.

As part of being an editor, you will be set-up with an email address that you are free to use as you like. You will also be on the list for the editor thank you package. Most importantly, you will continue to spread your outdoor knowledge and experiences to the masses – working to change our globe in a positive manner!

Your section is completely open to how you would like to develop it. It can be standardized, or it can change monthly. It could be a gear review, your writing, your latest trip photos, favourite peaks, a video you have made – it could have a recurring theme, or be more free form. The only criteria is it is outdoor related and showcases your passion!

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It is important to note that Mountain Obsession will not be editing your sections – we may tweak the date it goes live or the formatting slightly, but we won’t be telling you what to do. This is your section – the aim is to showcase YOU to the Global Mountain Tribe.

Of course, we will work to answer any questions regarding content, direction and issues with WordPress. We are happy to collaborate with you to make your section the best it can possibly be.

As always, you will be fully credited and you are free to post whatever social media links you like. Mountain Obsession isn’t niche, competitive, or jealous – we want to promote your company, blog, lifestyle, dreams, hopes and goals! We are all part of one big family: The Global Mountain Tribe.

Fire us an email to if you are interested!

Cheers to an amazing year outdoors and to furthering the Global Mountain Tribe!

Everybody rides on the karma train. Stay wild out there!

Founder – Mountain Obsession

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